There Is Nothing Like Loving the Philadelphia Eagles

There is nothing on this planet like being an Eagles fan.  I know what the non Eagles fans are saying already.  We are losers, we are scumbags, we’re trash, we have no rings, I already know what you’re gonna say before you say it.  But wanna know something… Its true.

We are losers.  We are such god damn losers that no matter what happens we are going to go into next season and say “This is it, this is our year” and this team can be 0-6 going into week 7 and we will come up with scenarios and ways to make the playoffs because we have to believe.  So yeah, we are losers and im ok with it.  We may talk down on them, we may hate them but god damn we love this team.

We are scumbags and trash and I love that too.  We are raw and crazy and outlandish and YOU are afraid to walk into our stadium with your teams colors on.  YOU are afraid to come in here and root for your team.  And some of that isnt fair to us, people go into a 49ers stadium and die or end up paralyzed but if you think we are such trash and scum you have a fear of coming here.. Good. Im sure youll tell us on twitter that we have no rings, and feel good about your 1993 superbowl and good on you, but i know you wont come into are house and say that, because we live in the mud, and you cant survive in the mud.

Now its 2017 and the Philadelphia Eagles went from projected 8-8 to 11-2 and NFC East champs, superbowl favorites and just as things got good.. Carson Wentz tears his ACL, plays 4 more plays and throws a TD on 4th down for his team.  As a city it hurts.  We were ready to go all the way.  We believed.  We watched and we watched and this team got better every week.  Now it hurts.  Once again we are drowning looking for air, wishing it was a bad dream wanting to wake up soon, asking god why, texting our friends, tweeting searching for answers, but they’ll never come.  It’s not a dream Carson Wentz tore his ACL, he will miss the rest of the season, we will make the playoffs and probably lose our first playoff game.  But you know what… It’s ok.

This team is apart of our family here.  You can live in Virginia or Philadelphia, South Jersey or California and its all the same.  This team these fans are family.  We dont always agree, sometimes we fight but we love each other.  This year went from our year to a nightmare that we want to wake up from but cant.  This year has turned into a great relationship with a beautiful woman (or man) with great sex amazing nights and memories and just like that.. its over.  It’s sad but like a family, we will get together we will pick each other up and we will do nothing but… hope.  There are no other options.

I can admit i am not the worlds greatest son.  My pops and I dont have the best relationship because we are exactly a like.  Hard headed and stubborn.  But, we always have the Eagles.  No matter whats going on win or lose my dad and I can talk for hours about the Birds.  11-2 or 2-11 happy or sad they are a constant in our relationship.  I’ll never forget being in 7th grade sitting next to my dad on the couch when McNabb threw that interception to Rodney Harrison in the superbowl.  I cried, i put my head in my dads chest and cried.  I asked him why and he said “I dont know… but one day.” And now 15 years later Carson Wentz is out for the season and i feel like that 7th grader that wants to put his head on his dads chest and cry just so I can hear “I dont know.. but one day”  Thats what the Eagles are for me.  They are a connection between my father and I.  For you that may be a memory of someone from your passed.  A friend, a grandparent, maybe a girl you brought to the game for a date once.  A lot of us have grandparents no longer here that we miss and will never get to see a superbowl, some of us think of them.  For me its my father, I know the day it comes to say goodbye to him, I’ll place an Eagles jersey next to him and hopefully a newspaper of the day the Eagles won it all, but a million rings wont make me forget that moment crying on his chest when he made me believe.

They have a meaning that goes beyond football.  They have a meaning that goes beyond sport.  I love the Philadelphia Eagles for that.  They make me cry they make me happy, they give me joy, they bring me tears.  But I love them.

Its so rare that something can make you feel so emotional and so raw the way the Eagles can.  I am sure im not the only person that can say the Eagles have brought them closer to a parent, a family member or a friend.  But thats how it is here.  This team for better or worse is family.  And Carson Wentz, Nelson Agholor, Lane Johnson and the rest of that D has gone out and killed themselves for this family, so im not going to give up on them.  We are going to get behind Nick Foles, we are going to see what happens because our family needs us, and family always sticks together, and if it doesnt happen, and we lose which we probably will, just remember… One day.