The Philadelphia Eagles Will Beat The Falcons

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It’s here.  Today is the day The Eagles take on the Falcons and nobody is giving the 13-3 Eagles the number 1 seed, the number one ranked run D, the number 1 ranked red zone offense a chance to win this game.  They are 3 point underdogs at home.  In fact they might as well not even play today.  Whats the point.  Carson Wentz isnt playing, Oh but i forgot he hasnt played in 3 weeks. Jason Peters isnt playing.  Oh yeah i forgot he hasnt played in 9 weeks, and after he got hurt everyone said we were done.  Darren Sproles isnt playing.  But right again he hasnt played in 12 weeks.  And when he got hurt they said the offense was no longer dynamic.  No big deal they just started putting up 30+ a game after that. Jordan Hicks isnt playing.  Wait you mean to tell me he also hasnt played in 9 weeks and when he went down they said the D lost the Carson Wentz of the defense.  No big deal they became the number one ranked rushing defense in the NFL. But, Why…  Why even take the field. WE CANT WIN!! Thats what they are all saying.  As Kyle Brandt said on NFL network, The Eagles are looking up the staircase at the critics who are saying, The Falcons are to fast, they are too good, you dont have Carson Wentz ITS OVER!!!! Dont you read the newspapers YOU CANT WIN!!!

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And this is what it comes down too.  The real life Rocky story.  And we have said it before and we’ll say it again in the future but now more than ever.  WHY NOT US!? This team has heart this team has everything.  They’ve lost role players and stars and Jesus reincarnated himself as Carson Wentz and even he is gone.  But thats why any given Sunday (Saturday) Someone can rise up and take it.  Someone can rise up and win it.  Someone can rise up and be a hero.  Why cant that be us!  It can be and it will be.

This game isnt for the big guy.  This isnt for Goliath.  This game is for the underdog, the little guy, the guy who gets pushed around the guy that gets told hes not big enough, or fast enough or strong enough.  This is for us, we are the underdogs.  The guy that gets spit on thrown to the side like garbage.  This is for him.  This isnt for dynastys or legacy, this is for that one in a million, this is for those kids who beat the Soviets, for the guys at Nova who were told they couldnt beat Georgetown.  This is for the man who was wronged by city hall and thinks he cant win.  This is for the man who was wrongly fired from his job and is afraid to fight back.  This is for that woman who is afraid to speak out because she thinks the task is too tall.  This is for all of them.

They want to call our team trash, fine.  They want to call the city trash, fine.  They love to call us the fans trash, good.  FUCK EM! We dont need them and they dont want us.  They dont want us strolling into Minnesota like white walkers taking over, creating havoc, they dont want that.  They want the clean cut nice guys.  Well we arent clean cut and we aint nice.  We are the neanderthal with hairy arms a raised brow, a giant club the big forearms and a keg for a gut instead of abs.

We arent a pretty boy like Tom Brady, we have grit we are grit,  its in our DNA its apart of who we are, We wake up at 5am put our hard hats on take our lunch pails into work and we dont complain about it, we just do it.  We upset the balance between good and evil.  We arent good we arent evil we are the anti hero.  We stand up for what is right, and we do a whole bunch of wrong while we’re at it.  The world needs us so they can feel better about themselves.  They can say… There is that trash Philadelphia again running a muck.  But you know what scares them.  We are running a muck, and now we are at the gates of heaven after escaping hell, now we are knocking on the door yelling looking for a fight.  And for the people in the back say it loud and proud for me one time.