The Vikings Have A Sweet 100 Year Old Lady Fan? Well I Hope The Eagles Ruin Her Life

Hey Millie, Congrats on being 100 years old.  Congrats on going to a Vikings game.  Congrats on your 15 minutes of fame because honestly Millie.. It’s over.  This Sunday I hope we ruin your life.  Yeah I mean that.  I dont care that you’re 100 years old, I dont care how much you pretend to care about the Vikings.  I am 26 years old, and this means way more to me than it does to you.  This means everything to me.  You dont really have much left to live for.  If the Eagles lose this Sunday and i have to go another 8 months waiting for football another 8 months saying, next year I am going to die.  I am going to just up and die.  Win or lose you dont have many memories to carry with you, It doesnt matter as much for you, how long will that memory last? A day? a week? I’ll have a lifetime for that memory and I aint planning on going another lifetime with another NFC title game loss.  So Millie Im going to treat you like any other Vikings fan, man, woman, child, young and old a like.

I dont wish you luck, I wish you heartbreak this Sunday.  I wish you pain and torment for a 60 minute game.  I wish you nothing but the worst.  I want you to lose, I want it to hurt, I want you to live another 100 years never getting this close.  I dont want you to enjoy Vikings football this Sunday or any Sunday, I hope you never win a superbowl and your fan base doesnt either.  This isnt personal this is business.

Stay the hell away form this game Millie.  You want no parts of this city.  Thats a warning.  We eat good hearted mid-western people like you alive for breakfast.  Ageism dont exist here.  Purple people eaters my green ass.  I thought Vikings fans were all about the team Millie is all about Millie.  Shes got two “i’s” and “me” right in her name that self centered egotistical monster.  I think i even hate her.

As i said before, its not personal is business, and this Sunday its all business at the Linc.  E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!

I Like this guy though.  All about Phil the thrill.