The Philadelphia Eagles Will Win The Superbowl

Well, here we are.  Eagles vs Pats.  Dogs vs Dynasty. The new guy vs The Grizzled vet.  The best there is was and ever will be vs Once in a lifetime.  The true David vs Goliath story.  Except this isnt a story.  In real life David gets his ass kicked by Goliath.  In real life the underdog is the underdog because they lose.  In real life there are no fairy tails.  This is real life and in real life the Philadelphia Eagles are the underdog and they are going against Titans of he football world.  The greatest QB ever, the greatest coach ever, the greatest organization in football, NAY sports history.

But ya know…. theres a funny thing about life and sports, sometimes movies, TV fiction becomes reality.  Passion trumps logic and the unthinkable happens.

The world says only the strong survive, and thats true, but just because their strong doesnt mean they cant get their asses kicked.  Every underdog story, every underdog moment its the same thing, the other guy is the favorite, the odds are against you but odds dont play games! Odds dont throw touchdowns, odds dont make blocks, odds dont catch passes and odds dont get back up after being knocked in the mouth.  Odds dont play football.  The game isnt played on paper, its played with heart by men that will be wearing those midnight green jerseys Sunday night.

Tomorrow night our guys will take the field, and they wont be worried about odds, or dynastys or even dogs.  They will be fighting for us, for our city, one city. one team. one dream.  We all we got, we all we need isnt just a cool thing to say in the huddle to get started, it defines us, it is who we are.  We only need this team and they only need us.  Thats all we will ever have.  People dont like us, they arent rooting for us because we spit in the face of everyone and I wont apologize for that.  Im not gonna say sorry for any of it.  This is Philadelphia, we have greatness here and dont ever let anyone tell you anything different.

Now all bets are off.  Throw logic and game plans out the window.  It’s one game, for one hour, 60 minutes, 3600 seconds of perfect football to bring it home.  For a 60 minute game you have to work 60,000 hours to be ready, 60,000.

This didnt start a few weeks ago against the Falcons.  This started back in August, in the heat in the rain, working their ass off for 8 hours a day, in the gym clangin and bangin, on the field running and hitting, in the film room watching hours and hours of tape.

This started back in July when Carson Wentz took his playmakers out to North Dakota to work together and get better.

This started back in June when Alshon signed on for something great.

This started back in May when Barnett started working with his new team,

This started back in April when the NFL decided to have a draft in Philadelphia and tell us the Cowboys were the NFC East favorites, and if they couldnt get it done the Giants were going to take the crown.

But. Here. We. Are.

Its time to play, no Rocky quotes, no dog masks.  The Eagles arent going to win this game because of disrespect or destiny or any thing else other than the Eagles are better.  They are better than the New England Patriots.  The Eagles are better and they are gonna prove it and do it for the city.  They are gonna erase Joe Carters home run, they are gonna erase Patrick Kane in OT, they are gonna erase the 01′ Lakers and Ronde Barber ending the vet.  This is going to change all of that and best believe after this game when you mention Philadelphia dont forget to mention Superbowl Champions.

Lets. Fucking. Go

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